domingo, 7 de abril de 2013

Since then

Since I was a little child, I thought that I was different from all the others.
Since that time I tried to paint my world with colors that no one had yet 
invented. Attempted, based on the imagination that my eyes still couldn’t 
create, build a magnificient future. Still thought that my passion for everything
that was special was going to take me to what my imagination had created 
for me. I walked a lot of time alone, as a lost ghost on the salvation way. 
I walked without fear of making mistakes, cause when walking to my dream, 
in reality there was no space for errors. Others thought were mistakes, cause 
they could not interpret my unreality. It was not real, I could not yet make 
them see. And while everyone think I failed, I keep walking towards what I 
think be my perfect conception of life. Meanwhile, though the other’s eyes, 
I still always seem to miss. Those others, maybe one day, can understand 
that I built my future in a reality that doesn’t belong to their world, a reality 
that they would never imagine. And only those who walked and walk with 
me will understand and belong to this world, the others will stay out thinking 
of all the mustakes that lastly I did not commit. So, if I fail completely, 
I will always have the satisfaction of having pursued my dreams against
everything. It will comfort me and warm me on the coldest nights of Winter. 

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Às vezes dá aquela vontade muito miudinha de desaparecer... Desaparecer porque nos resta nada... Não há esperança, não há mais caminhos, não...